Characteristics Model

                                            COMING SOON: The JOY OF COACHING: Characteristics of Effective Instructional Coaches to be published by Corwin Press in 2019.


    An effective instructional coach is: Caring & Competent, Collaborative, Authentic, a Quality Communicator, Flexible, Trusted, Planned, provides Models, and is Inspirational.


The model suggests that the Characteristics of Effective Instructional Coaches are surrounded and protected by the shelter and structure of Collaboration. A coach’s capacity to address individualized details associated with the central and equally important characteristics of Caring and Competent are enhanced when coaching is delivered and filtered through the connecting power of Authenticity and the skills of a Quality Communicator. The model when split in half vertically shows the left side incorporating characteristics related to Caring including Flexible and Trusted and the right side incorporating characteristics related to Competency including Planned and Models. The characteristics at times overlap and can be incorporated back into the central themes. The arrows pointing from the center section of the model up to the characteristic Inspirational, indicate that we consider people inspiring for a variety of reasons and those reasons can typically be traced back to one or both of the basic characteristics of “being” Caring & Competent. Coaching in this balanced way, a way that values both the hearts and minds of teachers, creates joy in the coaching relationship that positively impacts teaching and learning.